The International Water Institute partners with K-12 and community education staff, resource management professionals, higher education institutions and other non-profits to create opportunities for citizen engagement in surface water quality issues and to develop resources for better understanding of watershed and stream ecology in the Red River Watershed through data collection and field experiences. Please read our newsletters or contact one of our staff if you are interested in joining our network. 


Current and ongoing efforts include:

Student collecting stream sample

River Watch A program that actively engages citizens in monitoring the health of their local watersheds in collaboration with watershed district staff, local schools, organizations and River Watch personnel. The Red River Basin River Watch 2016 Annual Report can be found here.  2016 Annual Report Appendix A, Appendix BAppendix C, Appendix D.  




River of Dreams An opportunity for younger ages to get involved in watershed work this project has students decorate small cedar canoes and launch them in their local rivers. An on-line database lets them follow their canoe’s journey toward Lake Winnipeg as people downstream from them find and enter canoe locations.


Snow Study Schools and youth groups set up snow stations and commit to measuring snow fall and frost depth, and entering data into an on-line database to assist in flood prediction for the Red River Valley.



Macroinvertebrates An introduction to rivers and river life. Kits are available to schools to conduct sampling and simple analysis on small invertebrates found in streams. This biological assessment can inform our understanding of stream health.



 River Watch is supported by the Minnesota Clean Water FundRed River Watershed Management Board, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and various grants.