River Watch


River Watch is a citizen monitoring program providing hands on, real world science opportunities for students, teachers, and citizens in the Red River of the North Basin. See who is participating here.  The program incorporates monitoring of baseline water quality data in area streams with public outreach and leadership experiences.  


2017 Forum Videos – Judges’ Select Award Winners

1st – Larimore, ND

2nd – Hawley, MN

3rd (tie) – Stephen Argyle Central, MN

3rd (tie) – Minto, ND


Program Participants:

      • monitor their local streams with current technological tools,
      •  learn field-based physical and biological ambient water quality measures and,
      • assist communities in the assessment of watershed health. 


River Watch teams develop a sense of place through their volunteer experience and  build important life and career skills while providing an important service to Red River of the North Basin. Watch video or download a pdf about the program.


The River Watch program has developed an interactive water quality database that allows users to download available water quality data and create interactive charts and graphs. River Watch teams monitor their local streams a minimum of four times a year, participate in equipment training and submit their data to the database. For more information contact danni@iwinst.org.