River of Dreams


The River of Dreams Canoe program is designed to enhance watershed awareness and understanding of the Red River of the North Basin. There’s a buzz about the program after a successful 2016 reintroduction; you may have caught a glimpse of the action in the Grand Forks Herald or another local newspaper. View a video from the 2016 launch at Fertile-Beltrami.


River of Dreams introduces 4th and 5th grade students to the connectivity of our planet’s water supply and the Red River Basin’s ultimate outlet: Hudson Bay. Each participant puts their creativity to the test by writing a dream (poem or short story) and designing a 14” cedar canoe. After canoes and dreams are completed and displayed in the community, students launch canoes into local rivers to replicate the journey learned about in “Paddle-to-the-Sea.”


More than 4,000 canoes, each with a unique identifying 8 digit number, have been released in the watershed on a journey north to Lake Winnipeg and eventually to Hudson Bay in Northern Manitoba. As canoes are recovered by citizens along the rivers they are recorded on the River of Dreams website and the canoes are returned to the river to continue their journey. For more information contact andy@iwinst.org.

Project Sponsor:

International Water Institute

NW Minnesota Foundation