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River Watch in the classroom:

River Watch participants gather water quality data (temperature, dissolved oxygen (D.O.), turbidity, and conductivity) on their local streams and upload the information into a database on-line. Educators are encouraged to use this data in classroom lesson plans, or explore some of the lesson plans below dealing with rivers, watersheds and the Red River Valley. Lesson plans were developed by teachers in the Red River River Watch program.


Lesson Plans

Water Quality Analysis and Interpretation (7-9th grade)

Geologic Time (7-9th grade)

Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Collection and Identification (7-9th grade)

Macroinvertebrate Key

Macroinvertebrates (a power point)

Plant Identification (7-9th grade)

Urban Landscape – Red River Valley (4-8th grade) 


Additional LinksCareers / Newsletters / Stream Tables and Ground Water Models


Healthy Rivers: A Water Course Minnesota Department of Natural Resources on-line learning module for understanding rivers. Grade 7 and above.Healthy Rivers – A Water Course