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Curriculum/ Information / Activities


Healthy Rivers: A Water Course Minnesota Department of Natural Resources on-line  learning module for understanding rivers. Free. Grade 7 and above.


Water on the Web – a great site for high school and college students, or anyone interested in water quality, data and measurements. Lots of information and data on Minnesota lakes.


U.S. Geological Survey Education Resources  Water science for schools, maps, on-line lectures and animations for primary, secondary and undergraduate levels.


Water Ways – Minnesota’s Project WET curriculum complement.  Free download at


Manitoba Fisheries Manitoba Fisheries, in partnership with stakeholders, has worked to develop grade specific activities that meet the Manitoba Science curriculum. Activities are designed to assist teachers in discussing sustainable development in the classroom, while promoting the use of today’s technology.


Digital Library for Earth System Education – Mega resources on everything that makes our planet habitable. Curriculum too.





Red River Basin Resources  – Riverkeepers website in Fargo provides many links to regional resources on the Red River. Geology, history, recreation, water quality, etc.


 Red River Basin Commission – This link goes to a set of short ‘sound bites’ on water quality, flood damage reduction,  water supply and recreation in the Red River Valley as well as newspaper columns on water quality issues.


Rivers & Streams – Information from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.


Sustainable Water Resources –  A google site of archived Information about Sustainable Water Resources – Links to data; water availability, water use, and related natural resources.


Minnesota River Basin Data Center – A great place to connect to resources surrounding the Minnesota River.


USGS Water Watch – A resource for graphs, data, and maps of real time and past stream flow conditions across the United States.


Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board – Webisite of information regarding Lake Winnipeg. Board is no longer active, but resources are on the web.


Our Changing Landscape Part 1 and Part 2 – Presentation in two parts by Dan Svedarsky (Director of the Center for Sustainability at the University of Minnesota, Crookston) at the River Watch Forum 2014.


Diatoms of the United States  – On-line guide to diatoms, indicators of water quality. Identification and resource information.


Teaching with GIS: Introduction to Using GIS in the Classroom – ESRI has a new tool for K-12 teachers that will help them use GIS in the classroom. This 3 hour module is on-line and FREE for teachers. Additional modules also available for free. Check it out! 


Healthy Waters 101: Water Quality Monitoring For Public Health




Water Footprint Calculator  – a site to calculate your water use through home, work and travel activities.


Water Wiz – a quiz for kids on water use around everyday  items and activities.