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Red River Basin Mapping Initiative

LiDAR Dowload Portal
LiDAR Viewer

(includes 2-foot contours)

Customized Contour Maps

We provide 2-foot contour maps of the Red River Basin (click here for available area).
with an arial photograph as background image.
You can choose the sections (Public Land Survey System - Township-Range).

Available map size:

Letter format (8 x 17 inches): Map shows one section (PLSS)
Example map: (S7-T132N-R56W)

ANSI E format (34 x 44 inches): Map shows nine sections (PLSS)
Example map: (SEsect-T132N-R56W) 83 MB large zip-file - takes time to open!

Other map formats are possible.

Delivery format:

a) Color-printed paper (letter size or ANSI E size) or
b) PDF file

Please contact us at 701-231-9747 for prices and to order your map!

Project Sponsors

ND Red River Joint Water Resources Board
City of Fargo, ND
City of East Grand Forks, MN
MN Red River Watershed Management Board
City of Moorhead, MN
MN Buffalo-Red Watershed District
State of North Dakota
City of Wahpeton, ND
US Geological Survey
State of Minnesota
City of Breckenridge, MN
US Natural Resources Conservation Service (ND)
MN Department of Transportation
City of Grand Forks, ND
US Army Corps of Engineers

Project Team

International Water Institute
phone: 701.388.0861 or 701.261.0330
email: charles@iwinst.org
Fargo, ND