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Red River Basin Mapping Initiative

LiDAR Dowload Portal
LiDAR Viewer

(includes 2-foot contours)

Project Specifications


Entire U.S. portion of the Red River Basin including the Devils Lake Basin

Image of coverage


Raw classified data (< 15cm RMSE)

Filtered bare earth data (< 15cm RMSE)

First return data (< 15cm RMSE)

1 meter bare earth digital elevation model (< 15cm RMSE)

2 foot elevation contours

Intensity images (hybrid)

0.5 meter GSD ortho-imagery (Phase 1 area)

NAVD 88/ NAD 83

Third party quality assurance of data accuracy - Engineers validation report

Open web-based data archival, management, and distribution system within the US
Geological Survey Center for LiDAR Information Coordination and Knowledge (CLICK)

Project Sponsors

ND Red River Joint Water Resources Board
City of Fargo, ND
City of East Grand Forks, MN
MN Red River Watershed Management Board
City of Moorhead, MN
MN Buffalo-Red Watershed District
State of North Dakota
City of Wahpeton, ND
US Geological Survey
State of Minnesota
City of Breckenridge, MN
US Natural Resources Conservation Service (ND)
MN Department of Transportation
City of Grand Forks, ND
US Army Corps of Engineers

Project Team

International Water Institute
phone: 701.388.0861 or 701.261.0330
email: charles@iwinst.org
Fargo, ND