The International Water Institute works with university researchers, watershed professional and practitioners, and other non-profit partners to acquire information and conduct research necessary to address the needs of local land and water managers in the Red River of the North Basin. Current and ongoing research efforts include:


Tile Drainage Study – Basin Technical and Scientific Advisory Committee (BTSAC)  stakeholder-driven effort to understand small and large scale hydrologic effects of subsurface drainage on receiving waters.


Red River Basin Mapping Initiative – LiDAR Data acquisition for the entire US portion of the Red of the North Basin


Snow Study – Snow depth, snow water equivalencies, frost depth, and infiltration tests for flood forecasting and modeling.


Red River Basin Decision Information Network – Decision support tools for local land and water managers include:

Fargo Moorhead Flood Forecast Display – Forecasted Fargo/Moorhead area flood extent and inundation maps

Basin Viewer - Customized maps

LiDAR Viewer – Customized LiDAR elevation maps

LiDAR Download Portal – LiDAR datasets

Regional Drought Decision Support - Real-time drought information

River Watch Water Quality database – Water quality data and analysis for area streams